Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to earn Quantum Leaps higher ROI on your investments, Diversify your portfolio so as to strengthen it, all without draining your time- let’s talk.

Building your own store(s) starts with an initial upfront investment and inventory budget to develop the store.

We will assist you in the creation of your business and retail entity and automate it from there.

We pride ourselves on bringing only those with a high belief in themselves into the Quantum Family. This is a partnership for as long as you wish – we will build together.

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There are several avenues we are currently aware of- feel free to use any alternatives.

We work with third-party funding options that we can refer you to if you have an excellent credit score. They can evaluate your current financial situation and determine how much funding you are eligible for.

Currently, we are offering our own financing options as well.

Yes- credit or debit cards will be used to make inventory purchases. Some credit cards provide unique advantages. The most beneficial card that we are currently aware of is the American Express Platinum, which “points” produced become essentially a tertiary stream of revenue!


You need to provide us with the LLC Name , Articles of incorporation, and EIN.

On average, it takes 4-6 weeks to get your store up and running on Amazon. If you want to go with Walmart instead, we can also help! We’ll have your website up and running within 3-5 weeks.

These will all be automated!

After the construction of the store, your only responsibilities are to collect the checks, and keep the credit lines available!

We are currently only operating in the United States of America.

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